We have been open since 2003 and we strive to bring you warmth, love and peace. We allow you to explore as you need to, without forcing you into positions you don’t want to do… How? By offering modifications for each pose, giving less or more challenging options, allowing you to empower yourself and make the choice. But, most importantly, all while having fun!

If you’ve never done yoga before, you have nothing to fear. We’ll show you the way and make sure you feel comfortable. You are in good hands. Experience yoga in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere.

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Hey ladies of FB… would you be interested in a workshop like this???

A Sattvik and Sexy Workshop: Embracing the Lady and the Seductress in You
-For Women Only-

Many women have a hard time finding the balance between being a lady and a seductress… especially because we are afraid of labels like as being prudes or sluts, respectively.
Rina Jakubowicz will break down the walls of sexual taboos and lay everything out so that no woman feels judged, shy or scared of sharing and of being their gorgeous and badass selves.
The word “Sattvik” is one of the three gunas (qualities) in yoga philosophy and means “pure.” So by titling this workshop “Sattvik and Sexy”, Rina is urging women to learn that they can be pure and sexy at the same time. Too many emotional and societal blockages hinder our femininity from peaking – not just physically but more importantly, spiritually.
We will learn:
– How to redefine and embrace being sattvik and sexy.
– How to take care of ourselves first in order to…
– Understand deeply our roles as a girlfriend, wife, partner, etc.
– Tips and techniques to stop suppressing ourselves and stepping into our optimal, completely satisfied lives as both, an empowered and loving woman.

Ladies, let’s maximize our lives and make them intimately orgasmic for ourselves and for our partners.
Note: For Women Only. Intimate sexual discussions will be had. No sexual techniques will be practiced during the class so don’t worry. 🙂
No need to be in a relationship to attend workshop.
Comment below or private message Rina Jakubowicz if interested. See MoreSee Less

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