Angels with No Wings

The holiday season is typically thought of as the time of giving. But maybe it’s because we just notice this gesture more often during this time of year. And I’ve definitely been given a lot this season.
I’ve gone through a few stressful weeks of adapting and adjusting to a lot of changes in my life. Some I have handled beautifully.  Some I have not. Regardless it’s been the kindness of strangers and of old, dear friends that has helped me pull through. In my time of need people have stepped up from the goodness of their hearts to share their homes, lives, gifts, smiles, ears for listening, laughs, time, anything to help me in these times. It wasn’t easy to ask for help but I had to. I knew that if I didn’t ask for help I would have been drowned. So in this season, it you need help, be willing to ask for it to those you trust and you’ll be surprised who might step up for you. Also, be the one that is paying attention to someone else in need. It feels good to give and to receive.
Look at your inner wings that although they may not be visible to others they are there and you can fly high any time you serve someone else. And it can be for all the seasons!
Thank you Angels and thank you wings! 🙂
Happy Holidays!


Rina Jakubowicz

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