The Promise to the Self

I made a promise to my mom this past weekend: that I would completely be myself. I know it seems as though, “well who else would you be?”

The reality is, that as a result of major recent changes in my life, I’ve tried to adapt and conform to my surroundings in a way that has compromised a bit of who I am. For example, moving to L.A. and trying to fit into a new town and into a new studio has been challenging. It certainly wasn’t easy walking into an established studio, where students have certain expectations of what class will be. Also, being different from my peers, I was too scared to completely be myself in worry of how students would respond and how it would affect the studio. I wanted to fit it for the benefit of the studio’s profits and regular routine and not feel rejected in a city that already feels like a big rejection (the air of the daily disappointments from the entertainment world is quite palpable here.) But what ended up happening is that, while I was trying to do right by the norm, I’ve repressed my true nature. And ultimately, even if the students don’t know it, it has stifled them as well. It’s not fair to them, to me or to the studio.

So I am here today to apologize to myself and to my students in L.A. because I should know better. In remembering what my amazing teacher Swami Parthasarathy has taught me [To achieve success and greatness, you can’t follow the herd. You must follow your svadharma (your own path.)], I have to trust the journey and I am now. Most importantly, I look forward to stepping on the mat with you as my true self – to connect with you and inspire you, allowing you to connect to yourself on a deeper level and inspire others to do the same so that our beautiful [ESY + RY] community continues to thrive.

Last but not least, I would like to ask my Miami students to help me in remembering what brought you to the mat at Rina Yoga? What is it that you were seeking and somehow found while taking classes at Rina Yoga?

Thank you all for your trust and support and helping me be the best I can be, allowing me to pay it forward to many more students to come.

With love,


Rina Jakubowicz

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