Stories from Mexico

I sought out and interviewed 11 Mexicans for a magazine but unfortunately it wasn’t published. Nevertheless, I wanted to honor them and share their stories here to show that, though we may be from different backgrounds and walks of life, we are all the same in the deepest sense.

We are the Pure Self! Pure Consciousness! That which doesn’t change and is infinite. I know this may sound like yoga mumbo jumbo but with much reflection and study there’s scientific validation as well. Not just theory. But that’s for you to discover if you’re intrigued.

During my interview I asked them to share one piece of advice they wished they had heard when they were younger.

Scroll down to read their answers. ūüôā


Pricila Perales

Monterrey, Mexico

“Life is all about perspective. I wish I was told to focus on the good and that lack and negativity is just an illusion that exists in our brains. With this advice, I would have been able to break down mental barriers more easily. Fortunately, I came across this truth after many bumps in the road, but it would have been nice to adopt this face earlier in life. Knowing that lack does not exist, that abundance is out birth right and that faith stems from having this certainty would have saved me much ineffective wishful thinking.”

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Javier Olmedo

Mexico City, Mexico

“Everything you dream is doable!”

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Maria Noemi Guerra

Guatemala, Mexico

“I wish someone would have told me to study more so that I could have been a professional like a lawyer or a notary so that I could be in an office instead of cleaning houses.”

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Raul Diego

Mexico City, Mexico

“Limit the amount of emotional investment on success or failure, because that is the best way to keep learning. When you dwell on the way something feels, whether it’s negative or positive, you start to lose sight of the details, which create that situation in the first place. Being in a creative profession, you have to learn how to let go of your feelings in order to achieve a certain level of excellence. You can only do that when you’re listening to feedback and learning how to solve a problem, not stewing in resentment or floating on a cloud of compliments.

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Victor Martinez de Castro Green

Mexico City, Mexico

“You only have one mission in life: Be happy! To achieve it you must have a purpose and to find it you must be honest with yourself, be humble to others and be willing to follow your dreams and be aware that sacrifices might have to be made.”

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Julia Antunez

San Agustin Yatateni Oaxaca, Mexico

“Keep studying. Although at the same time I now understand that my path in life is based on whether or not I took the advice I got in life. I don’t know if I would have had a successful career or if I would have had a doctorate in something that really wouldn’t have made me happy. I have learned that the ‘I should haves’ are only illusions and whatever has happened in the past or should have been can never be changed. The only thing is the present, the here and now.”


Victor Paolo Martinez de Castro Moldonado

Guadalajara, Mexico

“I would have liked to have been pushed to read more books because now I read so many and I love it. And I think that it’s something that everyone – late or early – should do.”


Marco Antonio Regil

Tijuana, Mexico

“The best way to change the world is by changing myself!”

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Veronica Beltran

Puebla, Mexico

“Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them you are your most powerful.”

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Luz Maria Martinez

Mexico City, Mexico

“Take every opportunity you have in life that makes you healthier, wiser and a better person!”

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Pavel Pardo

Guadalajara, Mexico

“Trust in God, in the hands of God, everything is better.”

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    I got goose bumps. Reading all the feed back. Truly Amazing. We are all spiritual warrior’s.

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