It’s Never Enough, But It’s Always Enough

Every time I travel to Miami I return to Los Angeles more tired because of the hustling, teaching, driving and constant plans. I make sure I see everyone I can because I know the attention is needed on both parts. I want to see them and they want to see me. Plus, my intention every time I come is to reconnect having some real face time. It’s hard with our busy lives to stay connected even though social media platforms saturate our lives with constant reminders of other lives; ie. babies, pets, trips, ads and more.


This trip to Miami was a little different because I didn’t have classes or workshops set up in advance. My plan was to only be with family and friends without adding the hustle of the teaching aspect because that means I’m finding a location, setting up the date, time, rate, description, creating an online flyer, sending out a newsletter, posting on social media and letting people know about the events… it’s a whole to-do. It takes time, patience and follow-through. To be completely honest, I didn’t want to do it this time around but then it hit me… I have a my duty of continually sharing and showing up for the Miami yoga community who has given me so much for so many years and honor those whom I know would love to reconnect.


Just a week ago I said, “Fudge it!” Let me do the whole to-do and make it happen. A lot of people expressed they were out of town this weekend, but I knew that I still had to do this, even if for a quick class and for a few. The only excuse for not doing it is sheer laziness and Rina Yoga is not lazy. Ha! 🙂


Sunday came and we packed the room. It was a small room but we did max out with only a few days to prepare. There were some new students and many old regulars from the Rina Yoga days in Miami. After class, many of us went to a nearby vegan restaurant and shared more.


I never feel like the time I spend with my friends and students is enough. I want to catch up with all of them individually but know it’s not possible. That’s why sharing in a yoga class setting is so important. The conversation is different in a yoga class versus anywhere else in public. We are on a common ground of connection that we all feel just by being in the same place, sweating together, struggling together, breathing together – all for a higher purpose of love, peace and just feeling good for an hour.


Let’s not take for granted what one yoga class can provide for us. I’m sure we all remember our first yoga class. That’s the power of one class. I have learned throughout my travels that one class can be a mini community when there’s a consistent feeling of connection and service. That little bit fills us up and stays long enough to make us come back for more. Let’s connect and serve and turn a mini-class into one large community!


Rina Jakubowicz

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