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What Does ‘Rina Yoga’ Mean?

v. Gratitude For Your Yoga!

The word ‘rina’ literally means ‘debt’ in hindi. It is not correlated with a monetary debt, but moral debts, tri rina. For example, Guru Rina is described as a debt to one’s guru. Deva Rina is described as a debt to one’s god.
Therefore, it is best to describe Rina Yoga as your debt to your yoga; gratitude for your yoga.

The Holy Book of ‘Manawa Dharmasastra’ (VI.35) tells us that it is illegal for someone to leave his or her worldly existence before settling his or her moral debts. Nobody can ever succeed in entering the heavenly domain before settling his or her sacred duty while living on earth. So settle them by having gratitude for your yoga and for everything else in your life!