iPhone Yoga App

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Boston Globe features Snooze Yoga!

From a Maple Festival to Yoga on the Go
APRIL 14, 2013


Stay fit with Snooze Yoga, an app designed for business and leisure travelers looking to unwind after a long day on the road, in the air, or sitting in meetings. Includes 17 yoga sequences with voice-guided video and picture demonstrations

that can be done in the comfort of a hotel room. Created by yoga instructor Rina Jakubowicz, the exercises are tailored for morning, midday, and night, and include stretches such as Happiness for My HipsNamaste for a New Day, and Nightcap for My Core. Too tired to stretch? Sleep to soothing background music, and wake to tranquil alarm clock sounds.


Detroit Free Press features Snooze Yoga too!

Cool travel app: Snooze Yoga

App: Snooze Yoga (for iPhone and iPad on iTunes app store; 99 cents)

Lowdown: Chill out while traveling. Designed for travelers, this app by Rina Yoga takes you through 17 yoga sequences that can be done in the confines of your hotel room. It includes soothing music and voice-guided, video and picture demonstrations.
— Ellen Creager

And Marco Island Sun Times too!

For $0.99 upload your Rina Yoga Snooze Yoga App today! Only for iPhone.