Teacher Training Modules at Inner Balance Mind Body Studio

This series of classes are a great opportunity for teachers to rejuvenate their classes for both their students and themselves!  However, it is also a great opportunity for curious students to understand more about their own practice and how to build a home practice.  Sign up for one or both!



November 10, 2018
Yoga Symphony 12:15pm-3:15pm
Adjusting and Assisting 4pm-7pm


12579 Biscayne Boulevard
North Miami, FL 33181
Phone: (786) 383-3088
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A Yoga Symphony: Technique, Skill and Improvisation for Teachers 12:15pm-3:15pm

Every great teacher conducts his or her own orchestra in a classroom. Since every student is his or her own instrument, an effective and powerful teacher needs to draw from a variety of knowledge and skill at any moment. We’ll focus on learning how to observe and communicate better in order to handle daily challenges in the classroom more swiftly. By using better cueing, mirroring, visualizations, and many more key techniques, you’ll learn all the notes you’ll need to make beautiful music in your yoga class.

Learn to lead your class clearly and smoothly using Rina’s BANCE technique

Develop keen observations techniques in order to enhance your intuition as a teacher

Using The Yoga Mind learn to incorporate yoga philosophy themes into your classes

Class level: Yoga teachers

Activity Level: Interactive discussion, lecture, class assignments.

Adjusting, Assisting and Advancing Your Students 4pm-7pm

Developing your magic touch as a teacher in order to safely help your students will be essential for their growth and physical advancement. Learn how to safely and effectively adjust and align yourself and your students in some common and unique yoga poses with a 2-finger touch technique. This workshop will help you develop that keen eye necessary for all great teachers to see and give your students the optimal alignment for their spine and their minds.

Learn how and when to offer help to students

Learn to modify poses from beginner to advanced using Rina’s Two-Finger Technique

Develop the ability to use Rina’s “Put It On” Approach, a creative way to problem solve for different body types

For Yoga Teachers AND Students Who Want to Modify Their Own Practice

Activity Level: Interactive Discussion, Lecture and Physical Partner Practice.