Online Courses

Deepen your practice with this introductory course on the the philosophical foundations of Vedanta.

Yoga Journal: Empowered Vinyasa Online Course

This bundle includes 10 vinyasa yoga classes and 10 dharma talks themed around philosophical topics like: • Santosha (Contentedness) • Ahimsa (Non-Harming) • Sakshi (Witness) • Karma Yoga (Path of Action) • Bhakti Yoga (Path of Devotion) • Jnana Yoga (Path of Knowledge) • Yoga (Union) • & so much more!

On-your-mat-lessons to dissect your standing poses and maintain strong mind-body connection through breath and proper focusing techniques.

Fail-proof techniques for developing strength and flexibility in the spiritual and the material worlds.

Gain the skills you need to impart Yoga’s lessons to toddlers and teens with this comprehensive online RYCT certification program through Yoga Alliance.