A Life Training Through Service, Devotion, and Education with Eric Paskel and Rina Jakubowicz

Spark Joy With No More Lies That Fool You & No More Fears That Rule You

Living Life is an art, a craft, or skill like any other. To be efficient, effective, and to gain a mastery of it, one must train harder than they have for anything else. Yoga Life Training with Eric Paskel and Rina Jakubowicz provides the practices, processes, and systems that allow one to rise above the vicissitudes of the world. They provide the blueprint to help you live the life you’ve always wanted to live; Free from addiction, anxiety, depression, and fear. A life filled with love, kindness, fun, health, and all the resources you need. Our training is a Masters program for those who want to be experts at living.

In this, 4-week training, you will be loved, supported, challenged, and transformed. The training is truly unique as it brings together 44 years of research, study, and practice they’ve invested. This program will break down the intellectual, emotional, and action practices that have proven for over 5,000 years to be the key to living an extraordinary life.

Eric and Rina’s training is based on 4 pillars of learning, exploration, and support:

  1. Lectures: A series of interactive discussions that center on the study of yoga and how it provides the practices, processes, and systems to provide answers and solutions for what to do with our lives, our roles in relationships, how to find moderation and regulation to arrest addiction, what the laws are for living, forgiveness, personal responsibility and what this world truly is.
  2. Exploration Exercises: Activities designed by Eric and Rina to inspire you to take dynamic action at the moment, all through your life. Through individual and partner exercises, they will explore beliefs, barriers, and boundaries that will help us break through mental blocks that hold us back from being our best and living the life we want to live.
  3. Action-Adventure: Activities that engage you off the yoga mat, on a daily basis, that serves as “jumping-off” points for the personal work we need to do.
  4. Sharing Circles: A unique and safe space for you to “hear” yourself while gifting others by being transparent and honest

Through these pillars and exercises, you will feel grounded, inspired, and supported, by everyone around you. It is at this moment where you can look at yourself, see yourself without fear or shame, fantasy or fiction. It is here where you can dig deeper into you and develop a true practice, and be! You will not only come away with a new-found direction and purpose but also with the support of new lifelong friendships.

Life Training: (4 Weeks Total)

Life Training is a revealing and healing program, one that every human being should attend. Participants, not only come away with Planned Programmed Path but also with the support of an entire community for a lifetime.


Online via your own Union.Fit portal and through Zoom (full details to follow after sign-up)


Regular Price Life Training: $1250

FLASH SALE until Nov. 5th: More than 50% off at $597

Start your journey today by signing up today for our November 7
Training Kick-Off!

Zoom Training Dates:
Sundays from 9 am-11:30am PST + weekly videos emailed to your mailbox

Week 1
November 8
Week 2
November 15
Week 3
November 22
Week 4
November 29


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