Welcome to Superyogis’ Schoolhouse, Rina Yoga’s pioneering yoga-inspired curriculum for kids and teens that teaches them life skills, coping mechanisms, movement, values and most importantly, fun!

Superyogis’ Schoolhouse Mission:
To help kids empower themselves by teaching them life skills like:
1. how to focus
2. healthy coping skills
3. how to communicate better
4. tangible yoga practices for daily life challenges


Friday, June 26 – Sunday, June 28, 2020

Los Angeles, CA at Electric Soul Yoga


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This three-day kids yoga training with Rina Jakubowicz—Super Yogis Schoolhouse Training: a 3-day program for school teachers, yoga teachers, moms, dads, and anyone who wants to more fully connect to kids.  You will be in an intimate group of students focusing on Super Yogis Schoolhouse Mission: To help kids empower themselves by teaching them valuable life skills as taught by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Rina’s teacher, Swami A. Parthasarathy.

Training Includes Lecture, Interactive Discussions, Some Asana and Play Time

1) Learn techniques and lesson plans built around helping kids develop greater focus, healthy coping skills, improved communication, and tangible yoga practices for daily life challenges–all with a lot of LOVE and tons of FUN!

2) Understand the fundamentals of class management and how to guide a class efficiently.

3) Learn the importance of assessing the different age ranges and how to target them differently according to their capacity.

4) Explore fun games, stories, and poses to teach the kids in order to make learning fun and relevant.

5) Connect to your deeper self and your own inner child so that you can better understand kids and ultimately serve them with authenticity.

6) Discover truths about yourself that you might never have expected by taking this course.

What to Expect
This 3-day training is Part One of your certification process. If you choose to become a certified teacher through the Yoga Alliance then you have to follow through with Part Two of the training. This requires additional work and contact with Rina after this weekend training is completed. You will have 6 months to finish the assignments and program in order to become a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher. If you choose to not do Part Two, then you can teach Kids Yoga with whatever you’ve learned but you won’t become certified.

To receive a Yoga Alliance Certification of Children’s Registered Yoga Teacher (CRYT) you must do the following:

Part 1: Complete Super Yogi’s Schoolhouse In-Person Training with Rina Jakubowicz (3 days, 24 hours of training and learning with Rina, Certified CRYT and lead instructor) 

Rate: $750 Early Bird // $950 Regular Rate


Materials needed:

  • Notebook
  • Baby or 5-year old picture of yourself
  • The Vedanta Treaties: The Eternities by A. Parthasarathy (available on Amazon)
  • Choose Peace: A Practical Guide into Consciousness by Rina Jakubowicz (available on Amazon)

Part 2 (total $1250 Yoga Alliance Certification included): You will be assigned additional assignments which must be completed 6 months from last day of the 3-day, in-person training. (f you need additional time, it must be requested in writing prior to 6-month mark).

Times: You make up your own schedule to complete assignments as needed
Location: Your home.

If assignments are not completed within the allotted time of 6 months minimum to one year maximum, you may be asked to redo the physical part of the training in order to complete certification process for Yoga Alliance.

Materials needed:

  • Super Yogis Schoolhouse Manual (provided)
  • The Vedanta Treaties: The Eternities by A. Parthasarathy
  • Choose Peace: A Practical Guide into Consciousness by Rina Jakubowicz 

Sneak Peak into some of our training lesson plan for the weekend:

  • The Super Yogis mission
  • Defining education and relating it to yoga
  • What is yoga according to ancient texts?
  • Tap into our inner child with an activity.
  • Different learning styles for kids.
  • Svadharma vs. Paradharma for kids.
  • Watch a movie that pieces this all together in a powerful way. (I think ever parent and teacher should watch this movie in order to understand the challenges of children better.)
  • Paths of yoga.
  • What is kids yoga?
  • Super yogis guidebook curriculum including the 8 limbs of yoga taught in a kid-friendly manner and terminology.
  • Lesson plan breakdown, sample and outline.
  • Age differences and how to approach a class accordingly.
  • Learning observation techniques necessary for a class setting and beyond.
  • Observe me teach a sample kids yoga class. (Assuming we get a few kids to sign up for the sample class.)
  • Learning communication techniques from an extensive tool kit.
  • Discuss the 18 yoga themes laid out for the typical 18 weeks of a semester in school. For both younger kids and teens.
  • Some other interactive activities to help illustrate what’s needed in a kids yoga class.
  • Classroom ethics and teacher code of conduct.
    And many more surprises, learning and fun!!!

Private Facebook Group Community + Coaching

Upon enrollment you will be admitted to the private Facebook group where we will build community, share our thoughts, and talk with the group as we come closer to the live event. We will also keep sharing after the training for those who are continuing the process to becoming certified teachers.

Curious if this is the right program for you? Rina would love to connect with you. Email us here.


24 hours of in-person training over three days followed by a personal one-on-one session with Rina. Additional work required to complete certification process.

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