Sattvic and Sexy: Women Only

Embrace the Lady and Lover in You

Rina is offering a new, revolutionary yet traditional movement to sexuality and lifestyle for women who are searching to find a healthy relationship with themselves, their sexuality and then their partner(s).

Many women have a hard time finding the balance between being a lady and a lover…especially because we are shamed with labels such as being prudes or sluts, respectively.

Rina Jakubowicz will break down the walls of sexual taboos and lay everything out so that no woman feels judged, shy or ashamed of being their gorgeous and badass selves.

The word “sattvic” is the highest of the three gunas (qualities) in yoga philosophy and means pure, poised, mature. The lower two gunas are tamas (inertia) and rajas (activity). When we act from the lower gunas we act from fear, ego, selfishness, impulse and emotion. When we act from a sattvic place, we have a higher purpose and are grounded, objective, calm and clear.  

By having the words “Sattvic and Sexy” in the title, Rina is urging women to learn that they can be pure and sexy at the same time.

Too many emotional and societal blockages hinder our femininity from peaking – not just physically but more importantly, spiritually.

There’s a lot of confusion on how to execute being a sattvic and sexy woman because of many societal belief systems that have saturated our ideals and have owned our definitions of sexuality for too long.

Learn that no one owns your sexuality but YOU!

Discover what’s been owning your sexuality so far!

Take your sexuality back with tips and techniques! 

You will learn:

  • How to redefine being sexy and embrace being sattvic..
  • Tips and techniques to stop suppressing ourselves and step into our
    optimal, completely satisfied lives as both an empowered and loving woman…
  • Tips to please yourself and your partner..
  • How to break belief systems that don’t serve you anymore…
  • How to make any action sattvic (pure)…
  • Take control of your sexuality and feel confident in your skin and in the bedroom…
  • How to start reigning over your own queendom…

Rina Jakubowicz and Liquido Active are in Collaboration….
Rina launches an online advice column called

Ask Rina: A Sattvic and Sexy Queen

via’s blog. Rina will provide answers to questions every month by queens like you who have doubts on how to take actions and live in a sattvic and sexy way.  

This column will help women discover that they own their sexuality – no one else does – and how to take their sexuality back – not by force or rebellion – but with poise, maturity and groundedness.

This approach is a woman’s true inner power; the power of a Queen who can reign over herself.

How to Submit Questions:
1. Email Rina with questions at
2. Follow @LiquidoActive and @RinaYoga on Instagram and check their stories. You’ll be prompted in the stories to ask a question a few times during the month.

Important Note: Your questions will remain anonymous. Your name will come up as Queen followed by the first letter of your name. For example, Michelle’s question would be marked as “Question by Queen M.”  

Examples of Past Questions:
I don’t even know how to be sexy. Where do I start? What do I do?
Growing up, why did no one talk to me about being a sexual being?
do we develop trust in our partner? Especially if you have trusting
issues, because you have being cheated on the past (different or same
person) and you think that it may happen again later.
How to ask for what I want? Rules of engagement are so different today. Please help.
As a single woman, how do I practice being Sattvic and Sexy for myself now? How do I prepare myself for a partner in the future?

Plus much, much more!

Ladies and Lovers,
Let’s maximize our lives and make them intimately orgasmic for ourselves and our partners.

5 Ways to Be Part of This Movement with Rina and Other Queens…

  1. Sign up for Rina’s Sattvic and Sexy Online Course with over 6 hours of audio recordings, worksheets, quizzes, and more. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP
  2. Sign up for upcoming in-person weekend workshops with Rina. Electric Soul Yoga Weekend: January 24-26, 2020
  3. Listen and Subscribe to Rina’s Podcast: Sattvic and Sexy Sundays Series under Mr. and Mrs. Yoga here
  4. Be part of Rina’s new online advice column in partnership with Liquido Active called Ask Rina: A Sattvic and Sexy Queen. Email her with questions at
  5. Ask to be invited into the private FB Women’s Only Group: Sattvic and Sexy. Go to FB and type in the search bar, Sattvic and Sexy Private Women’s Group and click JOIN. Wait for approval. OR Click on Link Below.

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This is a private women’s only online group that focuses on finding qualities in women that are both pure and sexy; they should work in unison not be …


“This movement has already helped me with my boyfriend. We are more intimate and are taking our time to be able to embrace each moment together. We have reignited our flame and are more aroused because of it. Thank you Rina.”  
– Ivette F. 

“I’m going through a divorce and I can’t help but to feel ugly and undesirable. Learning from Rina’s Sattvic and Sexy teachings helped me see that my sexuality is mine and although I’m going through pain, there’s hope for me to feel sexy again. And not base it on another person.” 
– Jessica R. 

“I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with asking for what I want out of my partner. I’ve been taught that sex is for men and that women shouldn’t feel pleasure.  But I’m ready to step out of that belief system and be empowered for myself. So grateful to have had this experience with Rina to help me see where I’ve been stuck.” 
 – Sandra P.