SOUTH BEACH, FL – Vinyasa + Swaddle Yoga Class

Monday, November 11, 2018


Think Vinyasa Yoga meets Yoga Nidra meets Deep Thoughts. Rina’s words and class will make you feel like you’re being snuggled… with a lot of love but not before first being challenged… with empowering poses and flows. She will mezmerize and hypnotize you in a way that will make the distractions of the outside world melt away so you can fully relax mentally and physically. Your muscles will engage and then totally unwind. Your thoughts will deeply soften leaving you feeling strong, powerful and then like a delicious and yummy kind of mush. You’ll feel safe and loved while you’re body will be oozing with bouts of peaceful joy, creating an ideal space for healing and for igniting your own inner yoga swaddle.

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