Rina Yoga is growing in all areas,
especially with the programs and trainings we offer.

We have workshops and seminars at the studio, upcoming retreats in other countries, extensive teacher trainings, on-site programs for corporations, schools, condominium associations, camps, clubs, centers, and other little treasures that will be revealed to you soon!

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Weekend Yoga Teacher Training en Español with Rina Jakubowicz at Wanderlust Hollywood

Join internationally-recognized yoga teacher trainer Rina Jakubowicz to bring you a Spanish language yoga teacher trainings.

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Personal Compass

Yoga was originally designed to be a one-on-one practice with teacher and student. Hire Rina one-on-one to be your personal compass through life.

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200-Hour Teacher Training with Eric Paskel and Rina Jakubowicz in Los Angeles

Do you have an inner itch for something more in your life? This Teacher Training can help you find a deeper meaning! This unique program will take your practice and life to new levels.

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Corporate Yoga Solutions

We offer on-site yoga, workshops, and seminars to your employees’ with flexible hours and tailored styles. Three of the leading causes of employee absenteeism and reduced productivity are back pain, stress, and fatigue.  Yoga has been proven to reduce stress, headaches, hypertension and depression.

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Superyogis Schoolhouse Training

Introducing Superyogis’ Schoolhouse, Rina Yoga’s pioneering yoga-inspired curriculum for kids and teens that teaches them life skills, coping mechanisms, movement, values and most importantly, fun!

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The Unlearn Movement (UM)

In the wise words of Yoda, “You must unlearn what you have learned.” This membership is meant to remind you of what you must unlearn in order to learn truth and find lasting happiness and peace.  Empower yourself with exclusive content from Rina Yoga!

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